• Webdesign portfolio 2012 - HTML5

    While many "professionals" debated about HTML5, we showed the ready reference pages.


    In the 2012th, with the advent of HTML5, web design studio INTERSAT FABER VISUM, it was one of the first in the Czech Republic starting to experiment with the new code. Has paid off - each innovative step, the new technologies represent FABER VISUM as a leading provider of web pages in Europe.
    Below are a few HTML5 RWD web pages. Simply open using iframe script.   Or, in the gallery

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    Portfolio 2012 - HTML5 web design

    Portfolio webdesign - HTML5 2012
    Portfolio webdesign - HTML5 2012 Reference webdesign-cbplzen01 Reference webdesign-cbplzen03 Reference webdesign-cbplzen04 Reference webdesign-cbplzen05 Reference webdesign-PC pro seniory01 Reference webdesign-PC pro seniory02 Reference webdesign-Medistellar01 Reference webdesign-Medistellar02 Reference webdesign-Medistellar03 Reference webdesign-Fajnove oblecky01 Reference webdesign-Fajnove oblecky02