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    The PR Agency was established in the Czech Republic in 2007, and in 2013 it became the founder of the international line of visual solutions: FABER VISUM, with affiliates in other countries.
    In our branch offices in Canada, Israel, Russia, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, we are thinking about the effectiveness of our visual public relations projects and their constant improvement. We can guarantee you beauty and grace, positive energy and success should you choose to use our visual services.

    It's not a coincidence that the basis for our philosophy at FABER VISUM is a slogan
    "The design of your dreams".
    Let's work together to make yours come true. A choice like this - you will never regret.

    With the help of the most modern design solutions, our team guarantees the successful development of your visual style. However, the most important point is what people will see through the beautiful window we will provide - your business, ideology and the quality of the product or the service you provide. Everything that exists in the world was once a dream, and we will show yours to the world in the best way possible.
    With FABER VISUM, the world will know about you.

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    Corporate identity – to be unknown, is not to be at all.

    Your corporate style combines the culture, style, traditions and principles that the company embraces and presents to the wide public. A comprehensive corporate identity will contribute immensely to making your brand known and successful.

    The Definition of corporate identity

    • The foundation for a corporate identity is not graphic design, website or a promotional clip. All of these are just a consequence of a well thought out philosophy behind your business. You should clearly understand that, and most importantly the reason for why you do what you do.
    • For us in FABER VISUM, design - is not just how a product looks, but how it works, quoting non other than one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time – Steve Jobs.
    • For example if you manufacture pencils and strive to ensure that everyone who holds a pencil produced by your company will be inspired to become an artist or an architect, or just draw something beautiful, then you are on the right path. With the right corporate identity and style, you can TELL people about it.
    • As you can see, everything is quite simple. When we create a corporate identity for you, we need to know your goals, or if you prefer - the "religion" of your enterprise.

    Building The Corporate Identity

    • Analysis of the proposed product or service.
    • Analysis of the market environment.
    • Definition of the target audience.
    • Visual project concept.
    • Creating a logo
    • Website presentation with SEO.
    • Producing a promotional video.
    • Integration in the market environment.
    • Accurate and forethought consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign.

    Business expansion. International marketing

    Foreign visual marketing international

    Global visual marketing

    • Ensuring an efficient international advertising campaign is very natural for us - we are an international team of visionaries. At our offices in Russia, Canada, Israel and the Czech Republic specialists of the FABER VISUM trademark will design a perfect marketing plan keeping in mind the local culture, regional marketing stats and the latest advertising trends.
    • We offer an effective visual campaign for your brand, product, services or you personally, not only in your country but also abroad.
    FABER VISUM is an international trademark with offices in the Czech Republic, Canada, Israel, Russia, and is expanding to 5 other countries. We offer professional visual marketing anywhere you want it. Business expansion
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    Multimedia marketing - webdesign, SEO, video, graphics

    Beyond standard web design

    Web design

    Our web designers will create the most advanced websites in the local or foreign languages with guaranteed SEO positions for a country of your choice. We use the most ground breaking technologies when it comes to web design, and we will advise you on how to organize your visual concepts with the appropriate web site locally and abroad, which we believe will be an authentic game changer.

    Video production

    A high quality video can be placed on your website or other portals, social networks and the television. A video clip will aid you in displaying your business more effectively than a drab "About Us" article. It is an ideal instrument for showing and telling what the business really looks like.

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  • Visual marketing through video advertising clips

    Above the standard videos

    Video promotion

    Want to promote your brand with top quality video clips? The production of commercials and corporate image videos is very simple with us. The location can be the Kremlin Wall in Moscow, or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, our regional offices will take care of the task wherever you please, saving time and traveling costs.

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